Thoughts on ObjectiveC and Cocoa

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I wanted to collect my initial impressions of ObjectiveC and Cocoa. I’ve started reading the Hillegas book again after and interrupted start last year with the goal of doing a lot more osx coding in the future.

The things I’m enjoying most about the language are:

The downsides so far are limited to manual memory management within ObjC. Granted there is a garbage collector on OSX but not on iPhones etc, so the common wisdom seems to be you need to know how to use both. I don’t see this will be an insurmountable problem as I managed to learn it for C++ which was a much larger language.

The Hillegas book I’m using is brilliant but what would you expect from a guy that has run training course on the subject for so long. The book does feel like running through a training course but one run by a guy genuinely exciting about the subject. My only wish is that there was an equivalent for the iPhone / iPad.