Compiler Update

More than a month ago I started writing a compiler for a subset of C in Python. Partially inspired by a blog posting from Steve Yegge and out of a desire to learn Python.

Well I picked up a copy of Real World Haskell, discovered Parsec and now have no desire to go back to the nasty yacc/bison place. The modified parser / interpreter is coming along very nicely and a version should be up on the sitep when it’s in slightly better shape.

On Python, I’m still using it every now and then to write short scripts. But more often I’m finding I want to write either Haskell or Erlang code to do the same thing. And really who wants to force themselves to write in a language that doesn’t really appeal. The original push behind Python was that Google couldn’t be wrong in using it so I was going to learn it but I found I really didn’t like the aesthetics of it. It wasn’t OO enough and the language doesn’t really flow as naturally as I’d like. I’m sure it’s a great language but not for me at the moment.

Now onwards with the Haskell!

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