Ubuntu Server update

I posted a while ago about switching to Ubtuntu for my home server.

I’ve got the basics up an running on my MacMini (artemis). Namely DHCP for the home network, DNS primarily as a caching DNS server and WWW for hosting my wordpress steup.

The setup of DHCP was easy enough. Followed the find documentation on the Ubuntu site. Same story for a caching DNS.

Setup Apache/PHP/MySQL was a quick ‘sudo apt-get install php5-mysql’ and I installed Wordpress via subversion checkout. I’ve also installed BIND9 as a caching DNS server.

Some services I’m not bothering to migrate:

  • Subversion, I’ve switched to github and migrated anything I cared about out of subversion. It was useful at the time I set it up 6 or so years ago, but other/better options exist now.
  • MediaWiki, most of the stuff in there was either related to a project in Subversion. So I’ll switch to using the github wiki associated with a project. No need to worry about security or keeping software up to date.

So all in all a success switching to Ubuntu.

Now onto my wish list:

  • Ruby/Rails using passenger and Postgres, for messing about with personal projects.
  • Virtual hosts in Apache or even switch to nginx
  • Monitoring system stats like Memory/CPU etc
  • DNS within home network so I can setup aliases like dns.home
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