Emacs reboot

I’m trying out a little experiment for the next few week. I’ll be using Emacs as my Ruby/Rails environment today and hopefully every few days until I’m really rocking my emacs-fu. During the day I’ll note what I don’t know how to do or doesn’t work the way I’d like, and try to find a solution for that the next time I’m using Emacs.

I’ve been somewhat meh about IntelliJ/RubyMine for a bit. They’re both nice enough but it feels like I’m only using them as a fancy editor and everything else (git/rspec/cucumber/rails) gets run in a terminal. Plus a few things are really annoying me, code completion kind of sucks, memory usage of the IDE is quite high and the refactoring support is not what it should be.

I’ve started with a blank slate, forked the emacs-starter-kit and so far only customised the colour theme.

Here’s to more productive emacs sessions.

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