iPad and eBooks galore

Having recently caved and bought an iPad. It’s exceptionally good, much better than I expected, it’s just I need to fight to get it back off my wife and/or kids.

I’ve started changing over to using eBooks for all my new technical books, and getting rid of paper copies. I doing that I found that 2 of my favourite publishers offer eBook upgrades to paper books you’ve already bought.

O’Reilly offers this:

“Upgrade to the electronic version of any print book you’ve registered at oreilly.com, for just $4.99.”

All you need to do is register an account with them.

Manning offers this:

“Free eBook With Every pBook! If you are an owner of a Manning pBook you can get a free eBook at any time easily from your account.”

And The Pragmatic Programmers offer something similar.

So out with the dead trees and in with the bits.

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