Site Update

I’ve been rather lax in my updates of late so here is a new site and a status update all rolled into 1.

So a few updates for those interested.

I attended both YOW! and Erlang Factory Lite in Brisbane late last year, and had an absolute blast. Met lots of cool people and got inspired to do more this year. The only downside is I have far too many things I want to do and only limited time.

Went to the YOW! workshop “REST in Practice: A Tutorial on Web-based Distributed Systems” by Jim Webber, and got a great new perspective about RESTful architectures along with some gentle ribbing about the deficiencies of Rails due to me being the only Ruby/Rails guy in attendance.

Shout out to OJ for organising the Erlang Factory Lite. He’s talking at Erlang Factory in San Francisco about Riak, so go along and say hi.

I’ve been wanting to update my blog for a while so I bought a domain name or two and converted the site off Wordpress. For now it’s living on github pages and is very much a work in progress. More updates and features to come.

Other than that I’ve been hard at work on a few Ruby and Erlang projects, and am excited to be attending more Sydney user groups. This month I was at RoRo and there is an Erlang group starting up next month which I’ll be at.

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